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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become a major concern of today’s homeowners who don’t like the idea of small insects co-habituating in their personal space. They feed off of the blood of both humans and animals alike, and they reside within the cracks of furniture – specifically those that exist in your bed!

There are a variety of reasons why bed bugs are undesirable in homes:

  • They bite – bed bug bites can leave small round belts on an individual’s skin. Of course, these can become itchy, and are generally unattractive.
  • They infiltrate your home – bed bugs can appear throughout any home, and while they are not always easily detectable they are still small insects residing on your personal property.
  • They are “contagious” – a bed bug epidemic can be transferred from one bed or household to another. This means that bed bugs can be inadvertently transferred.

Unfortunately, bed bugs are tiny, so it is not easy for individuals to identify a bed bug infestation based on appearance alone. Additional signs to look for are:

  • Rust coloured traces of bed bug excrement may appear on pillows and sheets.
  • Bed bug bites will typically appear on an individual’s skin within a few days, as it takes time for the skin sensitivity to occur in some circumstances.
  • Upon close inspection, shells from the bed bugs may be visible.
  • You may smell a musty odour.

Treating Bed Bug Infestation

Typically, bed bug treatment involves spraying the infected area. As bed bugs reside in small cracks, all parts of the headboard must be treated, as well as the grooves of the bed frame. The area around the bed may also be treated to ensure that they aren’t residing elsewhere, as they can also be transferred from one household to another.

More than one bed bug treatment is necessary in order to ensure that the bed bugs have been fully removed from the environment.

After bed bugs have been removed from your household environment, there are ways that you can prevent them from returning:

  • Washing bedding in hot water especially if a bed bug infestation is present.
  • Vacuum on a regular basis.
  • Clean up clutter
  • Be careful about bringing second-hand items into your home.