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Homeowners never appreciate the presence of bees or wasps in their yard or around their home. They can become a nuisance, particularly when there is tempting food around.

When a large number of bees are gathering around your home, the first goal is to identify whether you have an actual beehive or a swarm of bees.

Bee Swarm

A bee swarm occurs before bees have actually created their hive. They scope out the area and may gather on part of your home. They may enter gaps on the roof, the foundation of your home, and other small holes that appear in structures in order to find a new location for their hive. If there is a larger cluster of bees, with a couple of dozen simply wandering, then it is a swarm of bees that have not yet settled on a location. At this stage, pest treatment may not be necessary. However, it is better to have the issue assessed by a professional pest control specialist.


Once a bees have a hive, or are demonstrating behaviour of building a hive, then it is time to start treating the problem. Once bees are starting to build a hive, you will see them going in and out of the area appearing as though they’re on a mission.

Treating Bee Problems

A beehive or wasp’s nest does not need to be removed if the bees are not interfering with your day-to-day activity. If they are nesting along the exterior of your home, or located within the confines of your roof void or walls, then treatment is definitely necessary. A variety of non-toxic methods can be used to remove any hives, and prevent bees or wasps from returning to spaces in your home.