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Cockroaches are among the least desirable pests that can appear in an individual’s home. Although they are occasionally associated with poverty or lack of cleanliness, the reality is that they can occur in any household. Some simple causes of cockroach infestations can occur in any home, for example:

  • Leaving food on counters or sinks, as easy access to food sources is attractive to them. Garbage cans without lids can also be tempting to cockroaches.
  • Leaving standing water around the home, whether it is pet bowls or under leaky pipes, can attract cockroaches.

Risks of Cockroach Infestations

  • A female that comes into the home with an egg sac may release 15-20 offspring into the home environment.
  • Cockroaches have an odour that is unpleasant.
  • Cockroach infestations have been linked to breathing problems like asthma and allergies.
  • Food borne illnesses can be spread by cockroaches.

Treating a Cockroach Infestation

In order to effectively treat a cockroach infestation, it is necessary to find their nest, and not just the individual roaches. A professional can ensure that the complete population is effectively targeted. We use traps, and eco-friendly formulas to help ensure that roaches are removed from your home.