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Fleas are an issue that many pet owners have unfortunately become familiar with. Fleas can only survive if they have a source of nourishment, which is most often the blood of animals like dogs and cats.  They can be brought into a home environment at various stages of development. For example, flea eggs, flea larvae, flea pulpa, or adult fleas. Once they become adults, they only have a short time to find a food source or they will die. However, once they have gained access to food, they can live for up to a year.

In order to treat a flea infestation, you need to use a multifaceted approach. Treating your pets for fleas will be the first step, since they rely on the animals for sustenance. Use a flea shampoo, flea collar, and talk to your vet about a suitable medication or topical treatment designed to kill flea larvae or adult fleas. Once treatment has began with your pets, look at how to remove any other fleas existing in your home.

Professional Flea Treatment

Carpets, upholstery, and crevices around the home are treated with an eco-friendly product designed to eliminate fleas. As the treatment must be allowed to rest, it is typically recommended that pets be removed from the home until the process is complete.

As a homeowner, there are some additional steps for preparation that you can and should take to ensure that fleas are effectively eliminated:

  • Ensure that all bedding in the home has been washed and treating. This includes any pet bedding.
  • Clean all floors. Carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed, and hard floors should be mopped.
  • Vacuum the furniture and any crevices around the home.