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Spiders are nocturnal creatures that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and in Australia, they are often highly poisonous to humans. As a result, homeowners should always proceed cautiously when they discover spiders in their home as they may have a hard time identifying whether or not they are harmless.

Spiders do not have a long lifespan. While some may live for years in the wild, most only survive one season. Unfortunately, they breed quickly and produce a large number of offspring in their egg sacks. These can be carried by the female, attached to a web, or left in another chosen location. Hundreds of tiny spiders can come out of one egg sack, and they grow a few times during their life cycle by shedding their skin.

It only takes one spider in your home for an infestation to occur if it is a female with an egg sack. However, there must be a food source for them to survive. Spiders prey on other insects, so a good way to control a spider population is to eliminate them from your household environment.

Eliminating a Spider Infestation

If basic spider infestation prevention is not possible, then you need to bring in a pest control specialist. Treatment with household-safe materials can be used to ensure that the existing population is not allowed to grow.